Hi everyone, some changes at usalocations.com we have decided to use a website template that is already available , so we have a lot more time to market and promote what usalocations is all about.
Our main aim has always been to provide a better more informed deal for every USA & Canadian property investor.
We aim to lower the amount of uk based fees and additional costs that may be added to the final cost of any deal, I am happy to say that people are getting more educated and are starting to ask the basic questions that could save themselves potentially thousands of dollars.

Our main aims Will always be to put investors needs first .


You will have no doubt have seen the endless websites that have sprung up promoting the American dream of real estate ownership and how wonderful the profit is you will make..   STOP right there..
I have offered to work with as many of these UK based companies as possible and they refuse to give me the time of day , instead they keep trying to tempt me with what they have for sale.. Incredible here I am a fully licensed REALTOR  and they are trying to sell me USA real estate .  FACT   Its a strange but true fact That for every one that has contacted me with their wonderful deals , its simply so TRUE to see that I can actually get property in the exact neighbourhood but at a fraction of the cost.
Listen I have tried for years to save the British public money and I have been told by many that I am being to negative and that they can charge me £100’s to improve my image and my sales .. Its beyond belief what people will do to make ends meet it really is. My warning to everyone is to protect your investments by asking simple basic questions .
1. Is there a direct property address, Many UK based people operate by simply copying lists and then omitting the address!!  How open and Honest is that ! Beware of these companies.
2. What does the agent make from the deal , and can you have it in writing  . This protects you from any extra added hidden costs that are mostly applied here in the UK again not very open and honest but hell in todays world all that counts to some people is the amount of money that they can make from you..
3. Is the property listed by a broker and what are their contact details?, I bet not one UK based so called expert would give you this . I would  and I do on my website list my brokers full details, its actually the law!!!
4. Have they attempted to show respect to the USA Real estate system and obtain License’s?  I have seen several holiday makers from the UK that own villas and then set up websites here in the UK to sell property because a broker will pay them!!  This payment should I think be deducted from the cost of your property. These people are the hardest to protect against because they are so enthusiastic and believable..  I have met 3/4 couples like this and they are really bubbly people who are hooked by the big bucks and they go overboard to sell sell sell.. even if there is no way you can afford the dream all they want is their payment..  How obscene is that..its very sad to see all the foreclosures and the to talk to people that have lost money.. PLEASE be very careful and get all the facts and figures before you decide to buy any property..
5. Once your property is bought what services do they offer after its closed and the deal is done?
Any home service special deals  ie 20% home appliances etc , air-con service 15% OFF. Again I have not seen one UK specialist that can save their clients money after the deal has been done , Being a fully licensed REALTOR offers me many advantages that I am very proud to be a part of.

Thank you for your time..

Since 2003 I have been slightly amazed by the uk based so called USAProperty experts and the extra fees they simply add to the cost of any property deal, Well if they can get away with it good luck to them.

The Realtor service not only saves money on every deal, but could also save money during the years after buying . Being a realtor gives me access to many company deals direct, From House hold goods and services to repairs and many other services. It is only recently that a fellow realtor emailed me details of the deals. The other thing fellow realtors keep telling me is to Stop going on about the UK deals and concentrate on marketing myself more positively. Well that is exactly what I am going to do. I have been very busy with my study for the real estate education and will be busy with  presentations over the next few weeks. I want to be very professional and deliver to people in the UK and EU the best possible representation when it comes to property investment into the USA and Canada.

you want a property near an highway   Yes.  You want a local International airport within a short drive, well this property near H75 and close to Atlanta Georgia looks a good bet..  http://www.georgiamls.com/search/flyer1.cfm?LN=3052698   This information is only part of a  list that today has been emailed to a potential client. Join the growing list of people and associates that are learning about USALocations  contact us today.

Best regards  Owen

Hi everyone a quick link to Florida bank owned property. happy searching .. If you need any help or advice abut USA Property call or text me on 07981-221009..  that link is   http://bit.ly/lKZUaa

As always the very best regards Owen Dale USALocations.com

Hi everyone , Here is Just one stunning example of what I am finding more of here in the UK. This one is a great one to show because you do not need to become a realtor to have access to any special information. Sorry to say this but all you need is common sence and the desire to do your own little bit of work and research.. Come on UK investors please shake yourself and wake up..this deal is from the No1 uk based website  an award winning website and the company that is marketing it is also award winning.  Its clear to me how much value these UK  awards are adding, Just take a look at the 2 links below and make up your own minds.

First the real  deal ..  http://www.trulia.com/property/3049837730-16204-Waldrop-Cv-Decatur-GA-30034

Now the UK experts adward winning websites deal.

Notice the first listing contain the actual address, My advice is every company that does not list the address should be a treated with caution. A lot of those wonderful Detroit experts hardly ever list the address, although I have noted a few now starting to do so after my campaign.  Good to see and great for the UK investors , Just type the address into a USA based website and cut out the UK based over the top fees.  The information is available if you want to just email me now  on usalocations@hotmail.com  I will answer all questions. If any press want any extra information please email info@usalocations.com  We are expecting a very busy few years.

Thank you for all the comments .
As always The very best regards Owen Dale USALocations..

First the UK based deal…Remember multiple award winning companies have brought you this deal….

Here are the locations for the company I am Licensed with Please click on a location and explore